Power Evangelism Training

Power Evangelism Training

Power Evangelism TrainingThe book of Acts demonstrates that physical healing, miracles, and gifts of the Spirit were regular occurrences as the early Christians engaged in evangelism.  This was consistent with the life and ministry of Jesus, and it illustrated His promise that “these signs will accompany those who believe.” (See Mark 16:17-18.)  To me, what many call “Power Evangelism,” I simply call “evangelism.”

Evangelism trainings include:

  • An inspiring look at our identity in Christ and why evangelism is the central mission of every Christian life.
  • A study of Saul/Paul’s conversion and how God led Ananias to him to minister healing, prophesy, and point him in the right direction.
  • A crash-course in healing ministry, deliverance ministry, and prophetic ministry in the context of evangelism.
  • How to articulate the Gospel to someone who has just encountered the power and presence of God.
  • Activation — usually 60-90 minutes in the streets (or other location people gather, like a mall) to minister God’s love and power to strangers.

We’ve seen some incredible testimonies come out of this training throughout the past few years.  Here are a few highlights:

  • A small group of University students were led to a woman and her daughter who were walking down a street near the church where we ministered.  Both ladies were delivered from demons and came to salvation in a matter of minutes.
  • A woman testified she had just been healed of all symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in a mall food court.
  • In stores, in parks, and in the streets, we’ve seen many instant healings: a broken wrist, arthritic knees, sore backs, migraine headaches, nearsightedness, and more.
  • Many salvations and many seeds planted.

Many have testified that after witnessing the things they witnessed on the streets, they’ll never be the same.

This training is more than an event; it’s a launchpad into a lifestyle of spreading God’s kingdom wherever you go.

Depending on the needs and time constraints of the church, an Evangelism Training can be as short as 30 minutes (with application following) or as long as an entire weekend of sessions, providing more intensive training.

Here is a short clip of the “crash course in healing ministry” that was recorded at an evangelism training in Detroit, just before the students went out to Belle Isle and witnessed several healings and salvations as the teens and adults ministered to people in Jesus’ name:

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