Why I Won’t be Calling You:

When I launched into traveling ministry in April of 2011, the Holy Spirit told me not to solicit pastors for speaking engagements (at least until further notice, which I still haven’t received).  For this reason, I do not call churches, asking for speaking engagements or ministry opportunities.  Even if I have already visited your church, I won’t be calling every year for return visits.

Please know that this is not because I don’t love you or your church, and it’s not because I didn’t enjoy myself.  Chances are, I would love to return, and I’m simply being faithful to the call of God on my life.

Occasionally, if I have visited your church previously and know that I’ll be in your area again, I might send an e-mail to let you know I’ll be passing through.  That way, if you’ve been thinking of having me back, you can benefit from not needing to cover my traveling expenses.  (For more information, please see my statement about financial compensation.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Art@SupernaturalTruth.com

And if you’re interested in having me out to your church, please fill out the invitation form.