Evangelistic Events

Evangelistic Events

Evangelistic EventsI’ve preached the Gospel to crowds of tens and to crowds of thousands, and the message is the same for all. In almost every case, we see miracles and salvations as Jesus partners with us to confirm His word with accompanying signs (Mark 16:20). I’ve never had a meeting where we preached the Gospel and ministered to the sick and didn’t see any miracles happen. That’s not a testament to my ability but rather to the faithfulness of the Lord.

In 2012, I attended the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism, where a handful of some of the most effective evangelists of our time poured into about 100 evangelists for four days and taught us valuable insights into what Evangelist Bonnke and his successor, Daniel Kolenda, have been doing around the world through their ministry, Christ for All Nations. Together they have seen more than 70 million people make decisions for Jesus, and it was an honor to be able to glean from their experience and wisdom.

Since that time I have seen thousands of people come to salvation in both big meetings and small.

You can expect my preaching to be compassionate, clear, and appropriately adapted for the audience gathered. The message I proclaim in India requires a different approach than in a Muslim village in Africa, a secret meeting in China, or a church service in the United States. But in every case, I purpose to know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. This is the message everywhere I go, and it has led to thousands of salvations all over the world. In fact, in recent years I have witnessed more salvations than miracles… and I see a lot of miracles!

If your church is hosting an evangelistic event for your community, I would be honored to join you by bringing a relevant and relatable presentation of the full Gospel. I have experience ministering to all ages and if needed can adapt “on the fly” according to the audience that shows up. With help from the Holy Spirit, I aim to keep my messages biblical, tactful, engaging, and enjoyable while helping people realize the magnitude of what Jesus has offered for their freedom from sin and the ways of this world. I’ll partner with whatever followup system you’d like to implement and would be happy to help you strategize one ahead of time if needed.

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