40-Day Spiritual Gifts Interactive Masterclass

October 25 through December 3, 2018 

Learn about Spiritual Gifts from both a scholarly and practical perspective.
Experience God’s grace in action as you and other believers minister to each other.
Discover your God-Given role in the Body of Christ.

Registration closes in:

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I’ll be closing registration when we reach 90 participants.


What to Expect:

Art Thomas preaching in IndiaSince 2011, I’ve been traveling the world, preaching the Gospel in dangerous and difficult regions, and training believers from many cultures in healing ministry, power evangelism, and their identity in Christ. In just seven years, I have personally witnessed thousands of healing miracles–the majority of which happened through the people I had just trained. Thousands have come to salvation, and many believers have experienced a sort of personal revival or awakening in their walks with the Lord. Spiritual gifts have been a necessary component in all of this.

I’ve been studying, seeking, and practicing spiritual gifts for almost 20 years, and I’ve been teaching others about this topic for roughly half of that.

While it’s impossible to “teach” someone into expressing a spiritual gift (since gifts are distributed only as the Holy Spirit determines), what I can do is:

  • teach you everything I know about each gift,
  • teach you practical ways to recognize when the Holy Spirit has given you a particular gift,
  • teach you how to position yourself to see gifts operate more frequently in your life,
  • train you in the most loving ways to express each gift, and
  • pass along practical wisdom from personal experiences operating in each gift.

That’s what I want to do for you.

For 40 days, from October 25 through December 9, I’m offering an interactive online masterclass about spiritual gifts.

Here’s what you’ll receive:
  • lifetime access to an exclusive closed Facebook group where you can discuss spiritual gifts with likeminded people,
  • daily opportunities to interact with me online for 40 days inside that Facebook group,
  • a 90-minute interactive online small group session with me (it’s easy to set up… don’t let the technology intimidate you),
  • roughly 30+ Facebook live teachings that go in-depth about spiritual gifts (exclusive to this course), and
  • BONUS: Every healing ministry product I’ve produced ($119.96 value at no extra charge)
  • BONUS: Lifetime 15%-off coupon for all physical products at my publishing company, SupernaturalTruth.com.
  • BONUS: Lifetime 10%-off coupon for all future online courses and mentorship programs I may run.

I’m also including a 100% money-back guarantee (details below).

Art Thomas PreachingWe’ll discuss the following ways that the Holy Spirit can reveal Jesus through you:
  • Faith
  • Miracles
  • Signs and Wonders
  • Raising the Dead
  • Gifts of Healing
  • Divinely-Enhanced Physical Ability
  • Prophecy
  • Tongues
  • Interpretation of Tongues
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Message of Knowledge
  • Message of Wisdom
  • Wisdom and Insight
  • Discerning Spirits
  • Visions and Dreams
  • Interpreting Visions and Dreams
  • Craftsmanship
  • Music
  • Prophetic Design
  • Writing
  • Teaching / Public Speaking
  • Encouragement and Exhortation
  • Mercy / Compassion
  • Giving / Generosity
  • Voluntary Poverty
  • Success and Prosperity
  • Hospitality
  • Service / Helping Others
  • Celibacy
  • Governing
  • Leadership
  • Authority Over Wild Animals
  • Administration

Every spiritual gift will be framed in the context of identity in Christ, how it works in a church context, and how it works in everyday life to minister to others.

We’ll also discuss:
  • The best ways to “eagerly desire spiritual gifts” (as we are instructed in Scripture),
  • The healthiest and most loving ways to take faith-filled risks, and
  • How to rightly practice spiritual gifts in a church that doesn’t believe in such things.

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How Much Time is Involved?

  • Most days I will conduct a 30-60-minute Facebook Live video in our closed group about a different topic. You can tune in to the live video and interact/ask questions, or you can watch the recorded video later when it’s more convenient for you. You’ll have lifetime access, so there’s no obligation to watch right away.
  • I’ll try to stagger what time I go live each day so that as many people as possible can have a “live” experience at least once during the training.
  • The only time obligation is a 90-minute online video small group session, which you can schedule according to your availability during the signup process.
  • Everyone in the mentorship program is welcome to interact with each other inside the closed Facebook group (and outside too, for that matter!). Feel free to ask each other for prayer or help troubleshooting certain situations in ministry. I may even chime in from time to time after the class has ended. Since we’re all believers, this is more than a class; it’s a family.

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Art Thomas PrayingPerks of the Program:

  • One 90-minute online small group session where you and a max of only six other people will interact directly with me via video conferencing (Google Hangouts).
  • Interact with me online for the duration of the program. I’ll be devoting plenty of time and attention to this course (not neglecting my family or other ministry responsibilities, of course). I’ll be commenting on various wall posts and answering as many questions as possible.
  • Ongoing lifetime access to the closed Facebook group where you can view all the videos on your own time and continue to discuss healing, identity, evangelism, spiritual gifts, hearing God, and more with like-minded believers. I’ll remain an admin for the group and will pop in from time to time after the class as well.

BONUS #1: Healing Ministry Materials

I’ll send you hardcopies of EVERY healing ministry training product I have developed so far:

  • Paid in Full DVD – Our documentary, which has trained tens of thousands of people to minister healing throughout the world. ($22 value)
  • Paid in Full Small Group DVD – Seven concise video teachings about healing ministry, including extra footage from the movie and a downloadable curriculum (should you want to share what you’re learning with friends). ($33 value)
  • Paid in Full 40-Day Healing Ministry Activation Manual – Our most comprehensive and practical book about healing ministry. ($14.99 value)
  • Spiritual Tweezers – My book addressing Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” and all of the most common objections to God’s will for healing. ($14.99 value)
  • Healing Miracles for Your Family – A book I specifically wrote for those who are looking for breakthrough in ministering to loved ones. ($14.99 value)
  • Healing Miracles for Everyone – A 3-CD audio teaching where I lay out the case for God’s will to heal, the simplicity of healing ministry, and how to mature in the ministry of healing. ($14.99 value)
  • Jesus Wants You to Be Healed – This 30-minute CD contains about 20 minutes of teaching, scriptures, and ministry to the listener for their own healing, followed by 10 minutes of instrumental piano music for resting in the presence of God. ($5 value)
That’s a $119.96 total value, and it’s all yours with FREE SHIPPING.

Healing Ministry Products

If you already have some or all of these products, feel free to give the extras away as gifts to people who you know would benefit from the message.

BONUS #2: Future Discounts

At the end of this 40-Day course, I’ll give each person in the program two coupon codes:

  1. Lifetime 15%-off coupon at the SupernaturalTruth.com online store.
  2. Lifetime 10%-off coupon for any future online courses I might run.

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Here’s What Others are Saying:

From August 1 through September 9, I hosted my first online mentorship program. The topic of that course was a little broader (only one session was about Spiritual Gifts), but these participants will give you an idea of what you can expect from a course I’m leading:

“This mentorship program was awesome! Lots of subjects covered and questions answered. Art really invests in the group and poured into us. It was a blessing!”
~ Maria

“If powerless Christianity is NOT an option for you, then Art Thomas’ mentorship program is a must. By far, the most comprehensive, informative and practical training on doing life and ministry like Jesus did. The best investment in supernatural discipleship I have ever made. No travel, convenient, and the interactive environment made for a dynamic experience that changed learning into living and inspired me to be everything Jesus created me to be.”
~ Sue

“I enjoyed Art’s teaching style. He interjects his sense of humour, which I actually get and laugh along (on that point,  should I be concerned?). His tone is relaxed and informal. I appreciate that the teaching is “meat” but not presented in some overly boring, academic style. He provides practical application. The exercises were brilliant, allowing people to feel safe while stepping out of their comfort zone. The online small group also provided a safe environment, since the people involved where scattered across the world, and people were willing to take greater chances from behind their computer screens.”
~ Will

“I was really blessed by Art’s mentorship program. It was so refreshing, simple, and motivating.”
~ Ellen

“Art went above and beyond to add value to us. I am still digging through all the material.”
~ Ryan

“Not only was this great, but it’s very helpful to have this information at our fingertips. I plan on watching the 40 days Mentorship again with my husband. Absolutely great information! I grew in Christ so much for being a part of this group. I would highly recommend to anyone!”
~ Kim

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Loads of Value, One Low Cost

You’ll receive:

  • Regular online interaction with me for 40 days through daily live training videos with Q&A ($1,000+ value)
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook Group and all content ($1,000+ value)
  • Live, 90-minute small group session with me ($200+ value)
  • Healing ministry training materials ($119.96 value)
  • Lifetime discount codes ($50+ value)

That’s about $2,369.96+ worth of value for just $249.

Yup… $249.

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100% Money Back GuaranteeNo-Risk, 100% Money-back Guarantee.

Cancel any time before your scheduled live online small group with me and receive a 100% refund. No hassle. No strings attached. And you can keep all the training materials free of charge!

Limited Opportunity

This course is only open to 90 people. After that, the registration process will be closed down.

October 25 is coming fast. If what I described above sounds like what you’re looking for, I’d love to have you join me for this interactive masterclass.

Lets do this.

Art Thomas
Art Thomas

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