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Online Store

Supernatural Truth Productions
Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC

When I’m not traveling the world, I’m writing, making movies, recording audio teachings, and running what I consider to be the best publishing company with some of the best authors in the world. At, you can find all my products (including other authors) along with tons of free training articles, videos, and podcasts. If you’re looking for practical training for Spirit-filled living, STP is for you.

Global Missions

Wildfire Ministries International

Wildfire Ministries International

Together with you and local ministers in various countries, we have planted several churches, trained over nine hundred pastors, educated hundreds of children, cared for hundreds of orphans, and spread the Gospel in remote regions of the world. Even though I’m the founder and CEO of WMI, I don’t collect any salary from the nonprofit. But if you’d like to support our overseas missions work, we’d love to have you on our team!


What is the next breakthrough God has planned for your church? 

Every church has a story. God has entrusted that story to your leadership, wisdom, and creativity. Sometimes the best thing to move that story along the right path is an outside voice confirming your message and encouraging your congregation to step into God’s plan for your church.

I would consider it an honor and a privilege to serve your church by being that voice.

I’m not interested in building my own ministry—I want to help serve yours. My goal is to strengthen, encourage, and serve your church in a way that propels them forward in the vision God has given you. I’ll bring stories from the mission field, a clear presentation of the Gospel, and a down-to-earth, practical application of the message. I’m passionate about clarity and unimpressed with hype and empty emotionalism.

If I can serve you and your church in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Be blessed,

Art Thomas Preaching

I’d love to participate in what God is doing in your ministry.

I preach in churches, banquet halls, tents, stadiums, fields, restaurants, backyards, conference rooms, and more. If you’ve got a venue and some people who’d like to come, I would be honored to join you. I preach the same to 5 as I do to 5,000, so don’t worry about the crowd size. My goal is to serve.