Effortless Healing

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Here Art Thomas preaches in Lincoln, Nebraska, about the simplicity of healing ministry. After Jesus commanded His disciples to “heal the sick…” in Matthew 10:8, He added, “Freely you have received; now freely give.” The same way you receive from God apart from any effort on your own, you are also commissioned to give in His name apart from any effort of your own.

This message has been called one of the most practical teachings about how to minister healing.

About 40 people were healed at this meeting.  Healings included:

  • Lots of chronic shoulder, knee, and hip pains
  • Back and neck pain
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Locked elbows
  • Plugged ear
  • and more!

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Christian practice of “divine healing” is not to be construed as instruction or advice concerning medicine or medical treatment. No portion of this video or web site is presented as a substitute for medical care. Any discussion of “methods” or “actions” on the part of Art Thomas or other participants are not to be construed as medical training or counsel and are strictly to be perceived as a religious study and discussion of a Biblical topic.  People claiming testimonies of healing are encouraged to consult with a medical professional for an official decision on their health condition.

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