Join the Mission to Uganda, 2014!

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New Church in Kafufu, Uganda

One of the new village churches where our team will bring the Gospel this February.

*UPDATE: In the final 2 weeks of fundraising, we learned that our budget needed to be raised $4,000 to $65, 073 due to a rise in material costs, fluctuating exchange rates, and other last-minute updates to the proposed budget.

We Need You!

This February, without ever leaving your home, YOU can:

  • Build an orphanage for 100-200 children in the bush of Uganda
  • Train pastors in rural African villages
  • Share the Gospel with an estimated 10,000 people in a massive, 3-day evangelistic event
  • Conduct a 3-day conference to train African women to live victoriously for Christ
  • Bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to remote villages where new churches are being planted

In our last two trips to Africa, we witnessed countless healings, miracles, and salvations.  By partnering with us this February, every testimony we experience will belong to you as well!

Here’s How You Can Join Me: (UPDATED 2-3-14)

I’m taking a team of 14 people to rural Uganda to conduct the above ministries from February 4th-17th, 2014.

We just finished raising ALL of our minimum $65,000 budget, so now anything extra will go toward the remaining $30,000 orphanage budget.  We’re trusting the Lord to provide, and we’re asking you to join us in being His instrument.

Here’s the updated report of the minimum budget:

Our Minimum Budget:

What generous donors like YOU have already raised:

What we still need to raise as soon as possible:

…But we do need another $30,000 for the rest of the orphanage

Thanks so much to all those who pitched in, prayed, and helped spread the word! We leave for Uganda tomorrow, and it’s great to know we have all the funds to meet our minimum budget!

Thanks for being part of this $65,000 miracle. Southeast Uganda will never be the same!

If you would still like to give to help us complete more of the orphanage, we need about $30,000 to build all the structures needed.  Info about how to give is provided below.

Art Thomas preaches at Bukiiri Eagles Nest Church in Bukiiri, Uganda

Bukiiri Eagles Nest Church, Uganda (from 2011)

How to Give:

Now that our deadline is so close, we no longer have time to acquire tax-deductible donations by mail.

There is still time to give online via PayPal or credit card using the button below, but please understand that these gifts are not tax-deductible:

Thank you so much for your gift! It’s a huge blessing, and we are expecting God to do incredible things in Uganda as a result of your participation!

Finally, it would be a blessing to have you forward this information to friends and family who you believe might be interested in giving toward this mission as well.  Feel free to share with Facebook friends, e-mail lists, and more… This is a huge project, and we’re expecting God to provide miraculously through His people.

Thank you so much!

Art Thomas

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