Africa Report 2012

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I just returned from 7 days in Uganda, and God moved powerfully yet again!  Deaf ears and blind eyes were opened, cripples walked, demons fled, and the lost were saved!  My traveling companion was James Loruss, who has been ministering with me for about a year now.

Our schedule turned out to be a little different than we had originally planned, but it didn’t stop God from showing up! Here is the summarized report of what took place:

Day 1: Village of Wanenga

Orphans in the bush of UgandaPastor Paul’s home-church in this village is made of wood and mud, roofed with tin.  About 15 healings took place–roughly half of them were back pains.  Other healings included sicknesses, pains, and eye problems.  Of particular note was one woman who testified, “I have been lame for 10 years, and now I have no pain!”

We also checked on the land that we purchased for the orphanage.  It’s a large plot of land (almost 2 acres) and is currently being used to grow crops that will feed the poor (until we can raise enough funds to build).  The entire building project will only cost around $43,000 USD to complete, and the finished project is likely to help care for between 100 and 200 orphans, street children, and severely impoverished children in the area.  If you’d like to give toward this project, please e-mail me to learn how you can send a tax-deductible donation in the US.

Day 2: Village of Bukanda

This small church-plant meets on the porch of a family’s home.  About 25 people filled the tiny space.  As I preached about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, I mentioned Peter’s shadow healing people and how this could only be possible if he was saturated with the Holy Spirit–not merely having Him within but also throughout and all around him.  Suddenly, the Lord told me that someone had come that day with a stomach sickness that was healed when we entered the church.  Sure enough, an old man next to the entrance we passed through testified that this was so.  Here the healings included pain on the right side of the chest (making the woman unable to breathe), two people with swollen throats, several stomach aches and other pains, and one old man with back pain who began swiftly bending up and down while praising Jesus!  Two demons were cast out of people in Jesus’ name.  Every person who asked for prayer was healed!

Day 3: Village of Buwanga

During the morning session, about 40-50 children came to the church.  Several children were healed including sicknesses, pains, and eye problems.  After the healings, I gave an invitation for salvation.  None of them responded.  When Pastor Paul interviewed them, we learned that they were afraid that their parents would beat them or disown them.  Pastor Paul briefly shared his own testimony of leaving Islam (which included beatings and being disowned by His family).  I asked him, “Was it worth it?” and He happily agreed.  We presented the invitation again, and between 10 and 15 children raised their hands in front of their friends.  These children counted the cost and determined that Jesus is worth it.  I was soberly joyful, knowing that the Kingdom grew but that these children would likely suffer for embracing Jesus.

Africa2012-crowdLater, we conducted a large evangelistic meeting in a small field.  About 200-250 people showed up, which was slightly more than last year.  There were more healings than any of us could count, but it looked like somewhere between 75 and 100.  At least 3 demons were noticeably cast out–one was some sort of “animal spirit,” causing the person to “gallop” on all fours until we told it to stop and come out in Jesus’ name.  Our Lord is more powerful!  Around 40 people received salvation (I’m still awaiting the official report based on the contact info that was collected).

Day 4: Village of Bubalia

James and I awakened in the morning to the sound of a young girl shrieking and moaning in Pastor Paul’s backyard.  As it turns out, she was being overpowered by demons that had promised to kill her.  Five or six people struggled to carry her from her Muslim home to Pastor Paul’s yard.  To make a long story short, the demon was cast out, and the girl returned later in the day with her mother.  Both renounced Islam and surrendered their lives to Jesus!  (Please pray for the salvation of the father.)

After breakfast, we traveled deeper into the bush to a small village called Bubalia.  In October, I was the first “Muzungu” (white man) to ever visit that village.  James is now the second.  The little church is made of wood and mud with a grass-thatched roof.  Here are some of the healings of which we are aware:

  • 2 people with ulcers
  • Several with back pain
  • An elderly blind woman who also had chronic headaches and chest pain…all healed!
  • 2 cases of deaf people receiving their hearing
  • Old man with partial paralysis of the legs.  This was his first time in the church, and he immediately received salvation!
  • That man’s wife was also present and received complete healing from a hernia!
  • Another old man with a paralyzed leg and blindness–now walking and seeing!
  • A young man with syphilis and related painful sores
  • An old woman with pain in her entire body is now pain-free!
  • Many with pains in their legs, teeth, heads, abdomens, chests, and eyes.

Day 5: City of Kampala

We connected with Christ for All Nations (CfAN) in the capitol city for a massive evangelistic meeting.  Roughly 70,000 people were present to hear the Gospel and receive healing ministry.  Pastor Paul, James, and I were invited to be backstage, and we witnessed many miracles and salvations.  Afterward, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda (successor to Reinhard Bonnke) invited us to dinner with him and the small croup of CfAN leaders who were present.  It was a tremendous honor, to say the least!  These men and women operate a massive ministry and run it like a fine-tuned machine; but what impressed me most was their humility and the fact that they seemed more like a family than an organization.  It was a blessing to be associated with them this week.

Christ for All Nations crusade in Kampala, Uganda

Photo from Day 5 of the Kampala Crusade, from the CfAN web site

Day 6: City of Kampala

Crowd at Kampala CrusadeWe had a great time of fellowship with Pastor Paul.  He shared many testimonies with us, which I am considering compiling into a book throughout the coming years.  In the evening, we were invited to sit on the platform at the CfAN crusade, which allowed for some great pictures of the crowds and some up-close video of some of the people testifying about miracles they had received.  Throughout this day and the previous day, we bore witness to literally thousands of salvations and healings.  Jesus is great!

On the seventh day, our only scheduled event was our flight out at 11:30pm.  So like God after creation, we used the seventh day for rest!  It was a long time to sit in the airport, but it gave us time to consider all that God had done.  James and I are so thankful for the opportunity to experience all that we did this week.

I especially want to thank those who supported our trip with prayer, encouragement, and finances.  Those who sent money to help with expenses were such blessings to us!  The trip cost about $5,500 for James and me, but we only had to pay a combined total of about $1,500 out-of-pocket.

To those who stood with us in ANY way, THANK YOU!  These testimonies belong as much to you as they do to James and me.  Since God can do anything, it wouldn’t be right for me to say “We couldn’t have done it without you.”  The truth is, we probably could have; but I’m glad we didn’t need to!  Because of your support, you are part of the story.  You are directly connected to everything we did in Uganda, and I’m glad I have others with whom to share the heavenly reward.

Be blessed!

Art Thomas

Art Thomas, James Loruss, and Pastor Paul's family thank those who provided for this trip

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