Africa Report 2011

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From October 6th through the 20th, I was away from the States.  Fourteen of those days, I was on the continent of Africa.  Between the 12 days of meetings in Uganda and my 1 day ministering in Kenya, I saw God work in amazing ways!

Here is a short summary from my 95 pages of journaled testimonies (which only includes the miracles I was able to write down):

Completely or Partially Deaf:   8 healed
Completely or Partially Blind:   18 healed
Back/Neck/Spine problems:   11 healed
Total Healings from 13 days:   More than 500
Total Salvations from 13 days:   More than 400

Leg problems, hernia, bone problems, babies with Malaria, injuries of many kinds, heart problems, jaw pain, tooth pain, headaches, sicknesses, paralyzed leg, various pains, lungs, arthritis, fevers, rashes, and a one-month-old baby girl who was dying in the hospital…all healed by Jesus!

Many demons were cast out, and many lives were changed. Jesus is SO GOOD!

I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel in a Muslim village overrun with witchdoctors.  For many of the villages where I preached, I was the first white man to have ever visited.  I preached in city churches made of brick and metal, and I preached in bush-churches made of mud, sticks, and grass.  The Lord supernaturally protected me throughout the entire trip — I never once got sick, sunburned, or mosquito-bit.  And I now have several hours of video footage documenting the trip.

Perhaps the most fascinating video I have comes from a rural church in the village of Bukiiri. There, I taught the people to minister physical healing in Jesus’ name and invited all those who were partially or completely deaf or blind to come forward so I could demonstrate how Jesus works. Five people lined up across the front, and one by one, they were completely healed.

The part that is especially interesting to me, though, is that apart from the general ambient noises of people shifting on benches, feet shuffling, and children squirming, the room was silent during the ministry; but in the video, an unexplainable sound like rain and wind can be heard. It’s not audible during the teaching; but as I begin to pray for the first woman (who was deaf), the mysterious sound starts. Then I pray for the next person, and the sound intensifies into a loud roar. As I talk between healings, the sound subsides (a little like ocean waves); and as I pray, the sound intensifies.

I believe it is a sign from the Lord reminding me Who it is that actually has the power to heal! After that time of demonstration, I had the people of the Church minister healing to each other. Another 30 or more people were completely healed by Jesus!

Here’s the footage:

300 Kenyan Schoolchildren receive salvation and minister healing five minutes later.

300 Kenyan schoolchildren receive salvation and minister healing five minutes later. Everyone was healed!

Another amazing experience happened on the very last day — while I was in Kenya (just before starting my trip home). My guide, Wycliffe, took me to a school near his home where I preached the Gospel to about 300 students. After explaining the high cost of following Jesus and the rewards of knowing God, the entire room stood to receive salvation. I reminded them of the cost, but they still stood. The students committed their lives to Jesus, and I knew the next thing to do was to help them put this new life into practice…

I asked everyone who needed healing to stand–everything from headaches, scrapes, and bruises to eye problems, ear problems, and severe injuries. Again, everyone stood. Through my translator, I asked, “Really? You all have problems? This isn’t a time to be silly–Jesus is a lot of fun, but He isn’t a joke. If you don’t actually need to be healed, then I need you to sit down.”

No one sat! So I had the students pair off and taught them to minister healing to each other. Twenty seconds later, I asked everyone who knew they were healed to sit down. Half the group sat. They ministered a second time, and half of that group was healed. The third time, everyone was healed except for one boy on the front row (After watching the video, I realized no one was ministering to him during the second or third prayer times, but I didn’t realize this at the time). I asked what the problem was, and he said he had eye problems and couldn’t read. I ministered healing to him in Jesus’ name and brought my small-print Bible over to him. He could read!

Within about 20 minutes, over 300 children were saved and immediately launched into healing ministry! I then spent several minutes instructing them in how to follow Jesus and maintain this new life that they received. The children didn’t want me to leave, but the airplane wasn’t going to wait for me!

My thanks to Pastor Paul Basuule Habib and his family for taking care of me for the last half-month and for organizing the ministry times. Pastor Paul, these testimonies are as much your harvest as they are mine. Thank you!

I also want to especially thank everyone who sent financial gifts to make this trip possible.  My intent is to return as soon as possible, but I’ll need funds for that trip as well.  If you’d like to send a gift, please visit the “Donate” page for more information.

God bless,

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